The World LES Travelled

Group Photo at Bachelorette Wine Tasting Party

One hell of a Saturday afternoon is what you get when you combine 24 women, a wine tasting and a massive wooden cabin during Lesley’s wine themed bridal shower!

To celebrate the bride-to-be on her bachelorette weekend, Vine & Vintage hosted one of the biggest sit-down wine tastings to-date. Spread along two long wooden tables, close friends and family sniffed, swirled and shared stories of their most cherished memories of this lucky lady.

As a tribute to the bride, Lesley, our theme “The World Les Travelled” had us journeying through countries travelled by her and her guests as we tasted from some of the best regions at each stop along the way. With the help of some of her more creative friends, our wine theme and title were the perfect fit for our two hours of fun during her wine themed bridal shower!

Through Prince Edward County, Israel, Italy, Spain and California, the women experienced new food and wine pairings, learned interesting facts about regions and wineries and enjoyed training their noses with concentrated aroma vials.

We toasted the afternoon and Lesley with the 2016 Hinterland White Cap Sparkling. In Ontario’s most northerly and coolest regions, Prince Edward County, you’ll find Hinterland, a winery producing some of the most elegant sparkling wines.

A blend of Pinot Gris, Riesling, Muscat and Vidal, the White Cap sparkling has a very pretty nose of fresh honey, flowers, apple, peach and botanicals. There is no wonder why this bright and crisp wine is the most popular among the Hinterland portfolio.

Each wine was paired well with a number of different items displayed on our charcuterie table. As we explored each region, all the guests were given an opportunity to experiment with a perfect pairing for each wine. One of the top favourites was our pizza pairing with the Piccini Chianti Orange. Who doesn’t love pizza right!? The tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese on the pizza beautifully complemented the deep ruby Sangiovese from the Chianti region in Tuscany. The cherry, tomato and earthy aromas in the wine brightly shone and enhanced its savoury tones, soft tannins and juicy structure. What a match!

As we moved to warmer climates, we reached Castile y León, a region of northwestern Spain. With a 200-year-old winemaking heritage, full of passion, and driven by a sustainable winemaking philosophy, Bodegas Osborne is the largest family-owned single-estate (grown and made on their land) vineyard across Europe. Not to mention producing some of the best valued wines we have in Ontario! The Solaz Tempranillo Cabernet Sauvignon is an easy drinking and elegant wine that pairs wonderfully with a wide range of dishes. From roasted chicken to red meat and Spanish tapas, this clean and brilliant top buy, compliments it all! The women enjoyed the cherry and dark chocolate flavours in the wine. Another one of my favourite food pairing rules- if there are chocolate notes in the wine, drink it while enjoying the real thing!

Image by @laurynelanz

On our last stop, we headed to the Napa Valley and this wine stole the show– quite literally, because the name of the wine is The Show. A trio of famous producers or as they are known, “Three Thieves”, Joel Gott, Roger Scommergna and Charles Bieler, are three brilliant men in the liquor industry, who created the big and bold Cabernet Sauvignon. With its full flavours of dried black cherries, complex toasty, vanilla and spicy oak, this Californian beauty was the perfect finisher.

The group’s thirst for wine knowledge, their excitement to taste and the love they showed their friend created a welcoming afternoon that was a joy to host. With hilarious stories of their travels, enthusiastic engagement with our fun fact and trivia cards and interesting questions, I was thrilled to have been a part of Lesley’s wine themed bridal shower. What an exciting experience!