WINE not Moms!?

On Wednesday, I offered new moms a different kind of bottle than they have gotten used to, and one they definitely missed! I joined in on an incredible event hosted by the Moms Toronto community group, participating as a vendor at my first food and wine festival as Vine & Vintage!

Moms Toronto has revolutionized maternity leave for moms who love wine. Monthly events are organized to welcome mothers from around the city to venture out with their babies, socialize and of course, drink wine!

The MomsTO Wine Festival that Vine & Vintage took part in on Wednesday September 13th, 2017 was held at Artscape Wychward Barns, a unique and beautiful venue located in midtown Toronto. The festival showcased many local baby and new mommy specialty stores, wine sponsors and food catered by The Food Dudes.  [x_clear]

It was amazing to see what 9 months plus of no alcohol would do to women! Let’s just say it was a very fun and energetic day!

I have been to many food and wine festivals before, but never as a vendor so I had no idea what to expect! The venue was packed with over 500 attendees (plus at least one baby per mom), eager to see what each vendor had to offer. I had a phenomenal time making connections, meeting interesting women and gushing over adorable newborns.

Many moms with newborns and small children have a difficult time seeing friends, arranging activities or finding things to do to fill their days. Vine & Vintage offers a solution that caters to those needs. As we are a full plan service that creates an interactive and social event leaving nothing to the client to organize or set up, moms can invite friends over (children in tow), and not worry about babysitters or the hassle of planning a fun night out!

When you are new to the entrepreneurial world, you never know how people will react to your business. If they will buy into your concept, trust you or really believe this is something they need. Today I continued to prove to myself that the concept I have created of spreading my knowledge and passion through an interactive and special event has been the right move and I cannot wait to hear from some very interested mothers I connected with and plan more memorable moments.

Thank you Moms Toronto for welcoming me into your community and having me as a vendor at your festival! It was a wonderful experience and I am so grateful to have been a part of it!