An interactive event that turns a blind tasting into mystery, trivia and intrigue

You host the event, we plan the thrilling entertainment

The most entertaining wine-related game you will ever play!

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The Storyline

Welcome to the 2021 Wino Awards, the Premiere Wine awards for only the very best wines.  Who will win and who will leave... smashed.

Oh no! there's some sort of commotion backstage, someone has been murdered.... by a corkscrew!! How will we find out what the winning wines are? They were the only one who knew!

The top wines need to be uncovered and announced before the end of the night, but how?

It’s up to YOU and your group to solve the mystery, and determine which three wines won as you swirl, sniff, sip and taste your way through the clues.

The Game

Played in teams, your group will be smelling wine aromas, guessing wine trivia and solving clues based on pop-culture, world events and unique conversation starters.

You will be amused by the stories we share about each wine while building new relationships.

This game is for everyone - even non-drinkers will have a blast!


Perfect for all levels of wine knowledge and for:

Team building



Client appreciation


And more!

Team building



Client appreciation


And more!

Build Your Experience

Step 1: Entertainment

120 minutes of game play
(additional half-hour set up + half-hour take down provided)

Hosted by certified wine expert and expert event producer

All game components including unique game characters and features

1 prize for each player on winning team

Extensive wine knowledge of all wines being consumed

Fun invite to send to all of your guests

*This can be booked as a single element to add onto your already planned/catered event


Step 2: Wine Selection

You'll be tasting wines that are exclusive, from around the world and cannot be found in store.

Recommended Quantities:

16-20oz total per person

Choose to taste between 3-5 different wines

Wine sold in cases of 12 bottles per wine - starting @19.99/bottles

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Wine Mystery Experience Pricing:

Starting @ $2000 for Minimum 6 guests plus the cost of wine.

Step 3: Add-ons

Add any of these fun elements to enhance guest experience

Decanter Banter Game – $19.99 + hst 

Great for giveaways and goody bags!
The game of unique & entertaining conversation starters with the power to deepen the connection between you and the people you play with.

Wine Chill Rod w/ Aerator – $15.99 + hst 

This unique 3-in-1 wine chiller, pourer and aerator is the perfect addition to hot summer days on the patio. Chill the stainless steel rod in the freezer for at least 30 minutes and you are ready to enjoy the perfect glass of wine. Wash with warm water, dry and re-use. Always be ready for that next bottle of wine