The Launch

“In this business, it is about making an impact” – Randy Orton

Standing in front of a room full of people (some of who are your closest family and friends), about to begin on a self-made journey that will change your entire life, is the most nerve-wracking, intimidating and exhilarating experience. There is a feeling of clarity, strength, and pure fear of not knowing the kind of impact you are about to make.

I discovered the truest form of vulnerability by deciding to start my own path, create something from nothing and be exposed to a world of competition, judgement, and ridicule that only I would be able to combat to keep afloat. And yet, all these feelings and circumstances have only created a stronger drive to succeed at this new beginning.

The launch of Vine & Vintage welcomed supporters and community influencers to experience an original and new way of tasting wine and learning about the story behind the bottle.

Fun fact cards, trivia and aroma vials were added into the experience to get guests participating and help them create their own way of learning. These were great ice breakers, conversation starters and a way for people to use their imagination.

“The vibe of the night was relaxed and put me at ease. I liked how I could mingle then at times learn about the wines I was drinking and how to properly inspect and judge them. I never felt like I was being talked down to or lectured at more like I was in a conversation with a friend who was imparting some knowledge.”

– Jesse Abramowitz

Image by @styledemocracy

Nero Food Co. presented an attractive charcuterie table as well as a dish to pair with each wine served. Their food was beautifully presented and delicious. Guests were able to experience how the food enhanced their palate when combined with the wine as the pairings were exceptional.

The last tasting of the night was the favourite wine among the crowd. The Novas Gran Reserva Carménère Caberent Sauvignon is a Chilean red blend from the beautiful winery, Emiliana located in the Colchagua Valley. The pairing of dark chocolate truffles in a raspberry sauce, enhanced the cherry, blackcurrant and chocolate notes in the wine and complemented its smooth body and lush tannins. It was a wonderful ending to the tasting.

Emiliana is a 100% certified organic winery, producing wines aligning with an organic, biodynamic and sustainable philosophy. The unity within the community is remarkable. Workers at the winery are taught how to grow and maintain Emiliana’s organic gardens for family consumption. The winery revolves around being “green” with their practices of treating liquid waste for irrigation, using friendly methods of reducing energy use and the emission of greenhouse gases and turning solid waste into compost for their vineyards. As a result, Emiliana produces premium wines that represent the terroir of the region in its most brilliant, natural form.

Many of Emiliana’s wines are available at the LCBO and you can find more information about their winery on their website:

The evening was a hit and an amazing way to start this venture. We received  suggestions, advice and feedback to help us become successful, and most importantly, provide unforgettable experiences for our future clients!

Thank you to everyone who came to support Vine & Vintage and Nero Food Co.

A special thank you to View the Vibe who joined us, took outstanding pictures and who will be creating a blog post of the event! I cannot wait to read it.

“Vine & Vintage takes out the intimidation and makes wine tasting what is should be; inspirational, educational, and most of all, fun. Each experience is tailored specifically to you, whether it be for a bachelorette party, a girls night at home, a tasting before poker with the boys, an employee event, or anytime a group feels like some delicious hand picked food and wine pairings.”
– View the Vibe

A new beginning went off with a BANG, or should I say POP….of many bottles! I cannot wait to share the next events we have coming up this month!


“Sam, your launch party was fabulous! Learned so much & tasted some amazing wine & food! I’m excited to witness your journey to success.”

-Sharna Florence