Tasting in the Presence of Trapiche Winemaker, Sergio Casé

One of the things I miss most about working in the corporate wine industry is attending tastings and meeting international winemakers (to me, it’s like meeting a celebrity!) Winemakers, business managers and other winery representatives travel to different markets around the world to meet with local representation of their brand, gain a better understanding of the market to help sell their products and to share a knowledge and passion they have for their wines- something they live and breathe.

Last week, I had the privilege of attending a Trapiche tasting hosted by one of Canada’s leading wine agencies, Philippe Dandurand; a highly professional and innovative company with an immense passion for wine and an exceptional portfolio of renowned wine producers.

You might be familiar with the Trapiche brand, their Malbec and Reserve Malbec are very hot in the Ontario market and definitely two of my regular go-tos!

Philippe Dandurand welcomed one of Trapiche’s senior winemakers, Sergio Eduardo Casé along with Business Manager Juan Ignacio Torre to Toronto and held the tasting on their behalf.

Sergio was introduced to the wine world during his childhood. As a fourth-generation wine guru, he began studying when he was only 13 years old and received a degree in winemaking 5 years later. Sergio started with Trapiche in 2000 and still honourably represents the brand. [x_clear]

Located at the foothills of the Andes Mountains in the district of Coquimbito, Maipú in Mendoza, Argentina, Trapiche “winemakers have been focused not only on quality, but on specific sites and vineyards, and sourcing wines from sub-appellations within prestigious growing regions” since they opened in 1883 as one of the oldest brands of wine in Argentina.

Sergio and Juan were such a delight! Both in high spirits, very appreciative and eager to share their world with the guests who attended. You would never have guessed that they had just spent the last 4 days in 4 different provinces as they were so energetic, humourous and ready to rock another tasting! (I wonder if the wine had anything to do with it…)

The tasting was set up with 7 different wines – completely appropriate for a thirty Thursday. All of these wines were phenomenal and I have listed below some of my favourites that you should definitely try!

2016 Reserve Pinot Grigio
This is new to the market and will be a HUGE hit for anyone who enjoys a dry white wine that is fruit-forward and refreshing! This is not your typical Pinot Grigio produced in Italy. It’s medium-body, fruity and spicy character is great for the approaching fall season and to pair with heavier dishes like seafood, pasta and poultry.

2014 Finca Las Palmas Malbec
It’s as if mother nature were welcoming this Malbec into the LCBO with its release this past weekend because it is the perfect BBQ wine. Ripened red cherry and plum fruit, mint and balsamic notes beautifully complement the velvety tannins and juicy body it leaves on your palate.

2013 Gran Medalla Malbec
This was my personal favourite and will be released at the end of the month in Vintages- so keep your eye out before I buy every bottle! Rated 95 points by Decanter Magazine, this Malbec is complex, smooth and elegant. Perfect to pair with red meat, hard cheeses or cured meats.[x_clear]

On the 48th floor of One King West hotel in downtown Toronto, I spent a glorious afternoon with an Argentinian winemaker, his business confidant, a group of wine lovers, tasting wine with a view of the whole city, it CANNOT get better than that!

Thank you, Sergio and Juan, for visiting our city, spreading your knowledge and sharing wines you beautifully produced. It was a pleasure meeting both of you and I will definitely take you up on the offer of visiting Trapiche when I find my way to Argentina.

Aclamaciones (Cheers),