Hi, I’m Samantha Krumholz,
Founder and CEO of Vine & Vintage.

For me, wine tasting has never been about the pretension, sophistication or dollar value. Instead, what started as an interest, turned into knowledge, which soon turned into an inspiration to share that knowledge with others.

I was introduced to the world of wine through coincidence. What started as an event planning job, turned into a thirst and yearning for knowledge. The study of wine has not only become my biggest passion, it has led me to create a company based on spreading my love and knowledge of wine with others.

V&V wine experiences are for EVERYONE – even those who don’t drink still have a blast! We break the script of an ordinary tasting and create a shared conversation of wine.

We highly value the individualism of each of our clients and we work with you to bring your vision for a celebration or occasion to life. From small to large sized groups, we specialize in incorporating pieces of your brand, culture, and personality and execute the possibility for your group to connect, have fun, and take newly made bonds back into the office or keep the celebrations rolling.

My design of the V&V brand focuses on planning and hosting event experiences that strengthen relationships, take out the intimidation of learning about wine and provide valuable entertainment, in a unique way.

Wine is about romance, love, connection and culture. A bottle of wine is a meeting place, suited for any group of people, for any type of conversation. Memories are made, stories are told and connection is reinforced. The impact of the benefits gained by our clients, are far more valued than full stomachs and a price tag.

We look forward to planning a fun-filled, engaging and memorable event, sipping wine with you soon.


How We Work

  • Unique to You!

    Our events team works with you to completely customize your groups experience.
 Each wine tasting experience is different to suit the needs and wants of our clients and their guests.

  • Be a Guest At Your Own Event

    We specialize in facilitating a challenging product that has a lot of moving parts by handling all the prep work. This leaves you only having to focus on enjoying the experience with those around you, while we take care of the rest.

  • Cater to ALL Your Needs

    Add on one of our food packages, guest giveaways, the Wine Mystery game or our popular Wine Station for an experience that will be entertaining until the last drop!

  • It's All About the Fun, Entertainment and Connection

    Our one-of-a-kind activities help you create your own learning with everyone involved and maintain an entertaining and relaxed environment without the stuffy environment sometimes associated with wine tasting.

  • Say Goodbye to Intimidation

    Our events are facilitated by wine experts who lead your group through a selection of different wines, share interesting stories, history and culture, and offer knowledge to elevate your unique relationship with the wines you enjoy. Our clients and their guests gain a whole new appreciation for wine and a new confidence when selecting a bottle for an event.