Liberty Village Wine Club Features Ciao Italia!

Ciao A Tutti!

Tuscany, Sicily, Veneto, oh my! On Thursday September 28th, I rejoiced in hosting a wine night for The Liberty Village Wine Club. It felt wonderful to be welcomed back into a community I once knew so well and cherished so much.

Liberty Village, located in downtown Toronto is unlike any other community I have lived in before. It has that university campus feel; you can walk down the street and know almost everyone you see, there is an array of events and activities offered each week and your neighbours are always up for an adventure.

When I first started The Liberty Village Wine Club, I wasn’t sure of the reception it would receive or the people I would meet. I was truly blown away by the interest the community showed towards our wine nights and the support I was showered with by my neighbours and new friends. I had stumbled upon something great and wanted everyone to be a part of it.

“Sam is the President of our neighbourhood’s wine club. During that time, she held multiple wine tasting events for our community. Each event was a total hit! Not only were the events very well run, organized and reasonably priced, but they were also so informative and fun! Sam was a gracious host, always making everyone feel comfortable and sharing her extensive wine knowledge. I highly recommend Sam as your host for your next wine event!”
– Phoebe Naiman​

Almost two years and over 450 members later, the wine club still thrives as people join daily! Since moving out of Liberty, I have wanted to return and plan another night. It was an exciting opportunity for Vine & Vintage to take control and host the revival of the club as there hasn’t been a wine night in almost a year!

With the support of Wine Lovers Agency, an Italian-themed night was set in motion. With over 50 members in attendance, we executed a mini food and wine festival featuring 10 different wines from famous Italian regions and beautifully crafted charcuterie platters catered by a local butcher, Bespoke Craft Foods.

The amazingly orchestrated Liberty Village Ensemble performed live and beautifully enhanced the ambience as the night unfolded. Their talent was unparalleled and a wonderful compliment to the tasting.

As guests walked around to different wine stations, Wine Lovers Agency team members poured tasting samples and shared winery history, tasting notes, food pairings and more! Each station featured a different Italian wine region and presented wines that accurately represented each region stunningly.

“Sam organized monthly community wine nights that allowed us to try different types of wines and learn about their unique characteristics including their regions of origin. She is extremely knowledgeable about wine and food pairings and created a carefully selected menu prior to the event. She is a fantastic host and is fun to work with. I would recommend Sam to anyone who is looking to learn more about wine!”
 – Ashley Martin

Guests were handed a tasting of the Voga Moscato Frizzante as they arrived; a light-bodied, sweet and fruit-forward sparkling to start off the evening.

Voga, short for Vogue (meaning fashion, trend, style, passion and design), “represents the essence of the Italian way of living, appreciating the pleasures of life in each moment and embracing the world of stylish living.” The Veneto and Sicilian table showcased Voga’s “innovative, unique sleek and sexy, glass cylindrical bottles” and poured the Pinot Grigio and Quattro Red Blend.

Our Tuscan table featured Piccini wines. “A family story of four generations of passion, values and knowledge about wine, Piccini is grounded to the Tuscan land and its traditions” and offers exquisite examples in the LCBO. The Chianti Orange DOCG, Rosso Di Montalcino DOC and Brunello Di Montalcino Piccini Villa Al Cortile DOCG were the favourite red wines of the night.

It was a treat to try this 2010 Brunello for the first time and experience the amazing value of this wine. The elegance and richness of black cherry, cassis and anise on the nose complimented its complexity and expressed a spicy and floral full-bodied finish.

To end the event, three raffle prizes were awarded to our most social media-savvy guests in attendance (check out the #CiaoLV for some more pictures), and each guest left with a token giveaway bag as a thank you.

I was thrilled with the turnout of our wine night. Each time, I get to meet new people, explore new regions, share my knowledge and passion for wine and gain an experience I will always remember.

The Liberty Village Wine Club not only opened doors for wine lovers within the community, it also created an opportunity for me to start a venture I have been longing for. Vine & Vintage is derived from the concept of the wine club; members’ eagerness to learn more about wine, wanting to experience something new with others and having the ability to share a passion and knowledge others would appreciate.

Thank you to all my members for your support, your dedication to the club and your love for wine!

I look forward to coming back to Liberty Village soon for our next journey!



“Sam was a great wine host at a World and Noble Varieties’ evening held at my home with a small group of neighbours. She was friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. She came prepared with the supplies needed (wine, glasses) and yummy treats that paired well with the wine for the evening. I would highly recommend her for your wine event!”
 – Connie Serra