Corporate Experiences

Innovate, Engage & Grow!

Whether you have a desire to focus on team building, networking, employee socials or show appreciation to your clients, we have the perfect solution to take your event to the next level.

Our Experiences…
• Break intimidation barriers between management and employees
• Bring everyone together – even remote workers who are out of sight and easily, out of mind!
• Boost organization’s culture and vision
• Provide employees with a sense of work importance/pride/satisfaction
• Create a positive and fun environment
• Increase innovation, motivation and overall productivity
• Emphasize your appreciation to encourage employee morale

The Wine Experience

• Full plan with an experienced event planner (plan, setup, execution, take-down)
• 2-3-hour interactive experience hosted by wine expert
• 5 wine tastings (3 oz sample per wine)
• Engaging, Educational and Entertaining activities: (world trivia, wine mystery, secret clues, fun characters, guessing the aroma, wine trivia, wine breakers, etc.)
• Venue partners & specialty pricing
• All materials required for a food package (if added)
• Wine list selection & preparation
• Event materials and all glassware provided

The Wine Experience - Starts at $1000 + $25/pp

*Min 15 people – facilitated for a seated or standing event

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Add on a Food Package

Food & Wine Pairing

$1000 + $50/pp

Our Most Popular!

A selection of charcuterie and appetizers including: gourmet cheese, meat, fruit & veg, dessert, bread & crackers, pairing perfectly alongside each wine tasting.

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Wine & Dine

$1000 + $70/pp

3-course meal!

A 3-course meal accompanied by appetizers catered by a Red Seal Chef, taking your food & wine pairing experience to the next level.

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Cooking Class &  Wine Pairing

$1000 + $85/pp

Hands-on Cooking!

A hands-on cooking class led by a chef who will lead you through preparing a 4-course meal to indulge in while accompanying each dish with a wine pairing. Venue included.

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**Chef Fee not included in food package pricing