Our Adventure Around the World

Group Photo at Wine Tasting Event

“Maybe it won’t work out. But maybe seeing if it does will be the best adventure ever.”


I couldn’t find who wrote this quote, but when I first read it, it spoke such truth about my new wine events venture. Every time I plan a wine tasting event, I am going in blind. I walk into an unfamiliar environment, not knowing any of the people I will be spending the next 2-3 hours with, without a clue as to if they will enjoy the experience I have planned for them.

Someone I admire greatly, told me to “let go of the outcome, live in the HELL YES and be the fearless warrior you are destined to be.” Trying to live by these mantras and opening up to a new unknown world has already been the best adventure ever!

I recently hosted a wine tasting experience for a group of sophisticated and classy wine gurus in downtown Toronto. As intimidating as it can be to learn something new, teaching a subject is a whole other ballgame (especially when the guests are knowledgeable already!) However, as the night unfolded, personal stories of wine-related travels and experiences only enhanced our journey. I was blown away by the knowledge, good humour and enthusiasm that was shared while tasting extraordinary wine.

“I participated in a Vine & Vintage wine tasting at my cousin’s place. It was a lot of fun and I learned new things about wine and particularly about the effects of wine pairing with food. Samantha was lively and gracious with an obvious passion for wine. She provided a number of different bottles for tasting, reflecting a broad range in type, origin and price, and explained the character of each in plain terms and in enough detail that we could understand and taste the differences. The food pairings were delicious and strategic for the wines, and were provided in generous quantities. So wine tasting was the focus of the event, but the best part was the camaraderie with Samantha and the group. Samantha had prepared trivia questions and fun facts for our group of about 20 to share, which was a great icebreaker and led to much laughter and conversation throughout the evening. Samantha managed all this with skill, and encouraged questions and sharing of opinions on the wine. I loved it and would highly recommend the experience to anyone who loves wine and a good time.”
-Jamie Bennett

We explored different wine regions around the world and the favourites of the evening were from our stops in Chile and California.

The Adobe Sauvignon Blanc is from the wine producing region northwest of Santiago, Casablanca Valley. This refreshing and well-balanced white displays aromas of citrus, grapefruit and lime made 100% organically. Ideal with shellfish, sushi, fresh cheese or as an aperitif on its own.

We paired this Sauvignon Blanc with smoked salmon and goat cheese. The fatty fish decreased the acidity in the wine which allowed more fruit flavours to come to life. This was an excellent pairing enjoyed by the entire group.

The last stop on our journey was Napa Valley in California where we tasted the 2014 Joel Gott 815 Cabernet Sauvignon. The guests were not only impressed by this big, bold and rich red, but by the Joel Gott sourcing program created to make the best wines from all around California. The wine is blended from yields of Cabernet fruit from many different appellations throughout the state which each contribute a different enhancing characteristic, giving it amazing complexity, tannin, structure and colour. Monterey, Lodi, Paso Robles and Sonoma are only a few of the appellations used for the program, where the wine is then aged, blended and bottled in Napa Valley.

To emphasize this Cab’s vibrant red fruit, toffee and vanilla aromas, it was paired with cured Bresaola and other local salami to help soften the tannins. As well, an aged cheddar cheese was an ideal match for this red to counter-act the tannins and stand up to the body of the wine.

Our wine experience was full of laughter, new knowledge (I learned some things too) and good wine. Our next adventure awaits!