Personal Wine Shopper

The easiest way to receive exclusive wines right to your doorstep!


V&V makes it easy for you to receive bottles of wine, right at your doorstep, that are exclusive and darn tasty!

What we call “Personal Wine Shopping”, offers you the opportunity to many benefits of buying and trying new wines from around the world.

Why Personal Wine Shopping?


When you order through private channels, it is delivered right to your doorstep, ensuring you can stay safe and physically distanced from others.

Direct Access

Wines that aren’t available in store, from all over the world, with an awesome story to tell.

Personalized Picks

Share your likes and dislikes and receive curated selections based on your preferences. You can try new things without the risk of buying and not liking.

VIP Treatment

You will get all the updates, tips and promos! We will ensure you are kept up-to-date about new releases and what is a must-try!

Favourite Guest

You’ll be the one at the dinner party, BBQ or handing the hostess a gift with the bottle no one has actually tried yet – say goodbye to big marketed brands and hello to exclusivity!

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Complimentary Consultation

Book a complimentary consultation to chat about the perfect wine bottles for you!