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Social Connection is Critical

January 31, 2021

Social Connection Is Critical Social connection, why is it so important? Physical distancing vs. social distancing, what’s the difference? Let me explain. I read an article recently that discussed how the terminology of how we should distance ourselves from one another during the pandemic was modified from “social distancing” to…

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At Home Wine Tasting Experience

August 31, 2020

Introducing The Home Wine Tasting Experience, the new virtual way to build employee motivation and positive working relationships. At Vine & Vintage we have pivoted our model to help teams keep their connection alive. Enter – The Vine & Vintage Home Wine Experience. Let us tell you why Vine & Vintage…

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A Corporate Event Planner Can Provide Many Great Benefits

January 14, 2020

Corporate Event Planner –Why do I need one? Well, if you were on death row for a crime you didn’t commit, would you represent yourself in court? Of course not! You would find the best criminal lawyer money could buy. So why is that any different than planning an event?…

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Customer Appreciation is So Important!

January 2, 2020

Customer Appreciation – Why is this so important in building as successful business? Happy 2020! A new year. A time for new goals, new strategies and a fresh start to draw in new clients. But wait… what about your current clients. In an era of fast-paced living, high business competition…

Motivation for Employees

December 12, 2019

Motivation for employees is no easy task. Not to burst the pre-holiday bubble, but as planners, we are ALWAYS thinking one step ahead. The truth is that while the holidays can provide your employees with a much-needed break to refresh and recharge, coming back to work and refocusing may be…

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Checklist for Event Planning

October 30, 2019

A checklist for event planning is what you need at this time of year. It’s a time that some people love, while most others dread – Office holiday party season! For those of you who love getting all dolled up to head out to the annual employee shindigs, you may…

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All About Wine Aromas

February 27, 2019

What aromas do you smell in that wine? The million-dollar question. At every wine tasting event I host, I am asked, “what am I supposed to smell?” How frustrating is it when a wine bottle’s description reads “aromas of blackberry, shades of pepper and leather”, and all you smell is……

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Types of Sparkling Wine

July 3, 2018

Types of sparkling wine – the thought crossed my mind as I was trying to stay cool last week through one of the hottest weekends in Toronto in many years. How does anyone stay cool? Of course, there are the obvious ways of spending as much time as possible by…

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Corporate Team Building Games

June 25, 2018

Corporate team building games are a highly successful and fun way for companies to improve employee relationships, interaction and communication, thereby improving overall productivity. There has been a major switch in the workplace environment within the last few decades. In the past, the workplace was seen as a source to form…

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Choosing a Wine With Dinner

June 5, 2018

Choosing a wine with dinner can be difficult. This led me to my collaboration with Diana Tudose and Daniel Hiptmair, authors of the blog, Experience Taste.  When I met them, I knew I had found something special! The Experience Taste blog narrates the story of a couple who, while falling in love with each…