At Home Wine Tasting Experience

virtual team building

Introducing The Home Wine Tasting Experience, the new virtual way to build employee motivation and positive working relationships.

At Vine & Vintage we have pivoted our model to help teams keep their connection alive. Enter – The Vine & Vintage Home Wine Experience.

Let us tell you why Vine & Vintage has completely revamped our company model and introduced the “at home wine tasting experience”.

In past blogs, such as Motivation for Employees and Corporate Team Building Games, we have written about the importance of employees creating relationships. In our now virtual business world, It is now even more crucial that we continue to encourage opportunities for employees, managers and leaders to keep connecting with each other, so that company culture doesn’t get lost in the new adaptation of working remotely.

Leaders and team members are feeling disconnected as they cannot engage directly with colleagues, leading to a decrease in creativity and productivity. With the large number of new employees who have been hired in the last few months, the culture of introducing new hires has completely shifted during Covid-19. Our at home wine tasting experience provides the opportunity for new employees to be welcomed into the organization in a very friendly and social setting.

Our focus has always been on human connection, getting people to connect and create bonds that will build trust and increase productivity.

All our virtual wine tasting offerings with the At Home Wine Tasting Experience, whether it be for your own company employees, as a client appreciation gift or even as a private wine tasting at home will include:

  • Wine Trivia and Interactive Activities
  • Special Private Wine Selections (not available at the LCBO)
  • Beautiful Indulgent Charcuterie Boxes
  • Delivery across Canada including complimentary delivery in the GTA
  • Stemless Wine Glasses
  • Personalized Thank You Cards

Empower your team to thrive through this pandemic. Create a way to enhance connection and work relationships during this difficult time and have fun while staying safe and healthy in the process!

We wish you and your team health and safety in the months to come,

The V&V Team