A Corporate Event Planner Can Provide Many Great Benefits

corporate event planner

Corporate Event Planner –Why do I need one?

Well, if you were on death row for a crime you didn’t commit, would you represent yourself in court? Of course not! You would find the best criminal lawyer money could buy.

So why is that any different than planning an event? Okay, death row is a pretty extreme example. But some would argue that they would rather do anything else than plan an event. So maybe hiring the expert in any situation that you find handling intolerable is the way to go.

We often think that being an overachiever means attempting to excel at things that aren’t in our own wheelhouse. And while it is great to learn new skills, try new things and push our limits, it is also important to acknowledge what we just aren’t equipped to do. You say HELL NO! to those things so you can focus on what your HELL YES! is. Enabling us to work with others and achieve greatness all around.

Event planning is one of those things you either love or hate. Either you are great at it or not so great. Either a HELL NO! or a HELL YES!

While some of you reading this may think planning an event is as easy as can be, i.e., sending out invitations, hiring a caterer, decorating, etc., this isn’t all there is to planning and executing a successful and unforgettable experience and putting on one of the best corporate events.

There are many benefits to hiring a corporate event planner and here are our most important and best corporate event ideas and benefits:

  1. Speciality Pricing/Partnerships:

There is a misconception that hiring a corporate event planner takes away from your event budget.

However, even though initially, you are adding the cost of an event planner, in the end, he/she could be saving you a lot of money on your other event needs.

If you hire the right person, there is a good chance your planner will have relationships with suppliers, vendors and venues, getting you specialty pricing, you wouldn’t have been able to get on your own. Corporate event planners can also help you negotiate and hunt for the best deal for your buck!

  1. Experience:

Let’s go back to that HELL YES! statement. Not only do corporate event planners have the experience, knowledge and skills to plan successful events, they also have a passion for doing what they do. Event planners specialize in what they are good at – event planning! And hopefully they have had experience planning numerous previous events.

Experience and expertise equate to creativity, innovation, covering every detail and going above and beyond to bring a vision to reality.

Event Planners can also be a fresh pair of eyes to brainstorm ideas of ways to incorporate your brand and company culture into the event and suggest unique ways of execution.

  1. Organization:

A great corporate event planner is well organized. Planning is as important if not more important than the execution of the event itself. Working in a well fashioned and timely matter, event planners know when everything needs to be done, ordered and taken care of.

They can provide you with advice on these types of logistics and provide suggestions to make sure your event goes off without a hitch and everything falls in the right place.

  1. Major Stress Reducer:

Now, let’s go back to that HELL NO! statement. Hiring a corporate event planner gives you the freedom to not have to worry about ANYTHING! From the initial plan, to negotiating, to ordering, delivery, invites, taking care of unforeseen circumstances, etc. (and that’s ALL before the event!).

You have someone who is in your court, bringing your vision to life. What do you get to do? Reap in the benefits of enjoying a successful and unforgettable experience with all your guests.

You get to be the host, who is also a guest.

What a dream! The choice is up to you.