Customer Appreciation is So Important!

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Customer Appreciation – Why is this so important in building as successful business?

Happy 2020! A new year. A time for new goals, new strategies and a fresh start to draw in new clients.

But wait… what about your current clients. In an era of fast-paced living, high business competition and advanced technology, it can be easy to forget how important it is to show sincere gratitude to your current clients.

The truth is, without them, you wouldn’t be in business and even with the best product on the market, what stands above everything else, is customer appreciation, how customers are treated and valued.

So, let’s make this new year, the year of the customer and show thanks to your customers and how much you value their loyalty.

If you aren’t convinced that showing your appreciation should be at the top of your to-do’s, we’ve listed below how your business will greatly benefit.

Customers who feel valued by a company are more likely to:

  • Become repeat clients
  • Invest more and more frequently
  • Spread positive word of mouth
  • Be more understanding with issues, miscommunications, unmet expectations

Let’s dive a little deeper to understand why it is that we as humans desire the need to feel appreciated in the first place.

It is all about social connection. Humans yearn for connection. To be seen, validated, praised, as it creates an opportunity to connect to one another. “Feeling appreciated strengthens the bond between people. It helps satisfy our longing for healthy attachment.”

The nature of our fast-paced way of living has increased the importance for someone to be noticed and valued as it reinforces a sense of positive self-worth. It provides validity that what we did made a difference. Something that is treasured and adds meaning to our lives.

So now that we have established how vital it is for our clients to feel appreciated, let’s explore some customer appreciation ideas to show your gratitude in the most effective way.

It is important to differentiate yourself and get creative. You are up against competitors who are developing their own appreciation strategies and ways of poaching new clients. Every customer is different. Some are happy with a simple customer appreciation letter and and some find meaning in tangible customer appreciation gifts or experiences. You need to find what speaks to your brand. What reads sincere without seeming too gimmicky.

The number 1 strategy is to host customer appreciation events. Why? Nothing beats a memorable experience to be shared and enjoyed by all.

Below, we have listed a number of additional benefits your company will gain when hosting a customer appreciation event:

  1. Events take planning, personalization, time. It shows you put in more effort and care, which translates to the customer you care about them.
  2. A customer appreciation event leaves the biggest lasting impression. There is a more pleasant anticipation in waiting for an experience over receiving an object as a gift. Experiences make people happier.
  3. Opportunities to build stronger business relationships arise. Social connection at an event allows you to get to know your clients better and in a new way.
  4. An event will boost your credibility and increase brand awareness. Clients can invite guests, meet other clients and learn about different services you offer in less corporate, serious and entertaining environment.

At Vine & Vintage, we believe in the power of the experience. We highly value our clients and go above and beyond to bring to life their vision and show our gratitude.

We understand how important your customers are to you and why it is necessary to make sure they know they are valued.

This year, make it the year of the customer. Show your clients some customer appreciation, how much you value their loyalty.

We look forward to sipping wine with you soon.