Motivation for Employees

Motivation for employees is no easy task. Not to burst the pre-holiday bubble, but as planners, we are ALWAYS thinking one step ahead.

The truth is that while the holidays can provide your employees with a much-needed break to refresh and recharge, coming back to work and refocusing may be difficult.

Why is Employee Motivation Important?

The happiness and productivity level of your employees has a huge impact on the success of the company.

Overall personal well-being, team engagement and innovation are just 3 positive results when employees are motivated.

That is why we are going to help you plan ahead, by providing you with some employee motivation strategies and helpful tips to motivate employees after the holidays.

Motivation for Employees - Useful  Strategies

1. Team Engagement

Ever heard of the “post-holiday dip”? When it seems like all the fun is gone, the cold weather has only begun and it will be months before another big holiday or nice weather, employees may experience the struggle of getting back on track and staying motivated.

Bringing the team together very soon after returning to the office to share memorable holiday moments and reconnect, will help ease them back into their roles in a less aggressive manner and revive the team’s synergy.

It will also show you care and remind them of their importance to the team and why they are working for your company.

2. Holiday Parties & Team Building Events

Traditionally, holiday parties are held during the holiday season. However, why not host your office party AFTER the holidays? Many companies and organizations are moving in this direction for two good reasons.

A – There is already so much going on during the holiday season. Family and friend get-togethers and many activities going on in the city. It can be difficult to pick a date when you can be sure the whole team will attend.

B – Hosting a company party after the holidays will give employees something to look forward to. So, in the midst of the winter blues, add a little winter motivation. There’s excitement and celebrations still to be had.

We can help you there! Connect with us to find out more about how we can create a customized and entertaining event for your team!

3. Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Easing back into the hustle and bustle of the office grind can be a more efficient way to help employees refocus. Reflecting over the last year, showing support and welcoming change can be encouraging to work your way back into a heavy work load.

4. Setting Goals + New Challenges

Setting new goals and challenges for individuals and the whole team will remind employees of their purpose and contribution to the company’s bigger picture. It will create excitement, innovation and cohesion within the team.

Although the holidays are still a few weeks away, beginning to plan effective and efficient ways to motivate employees after the holidays will ensure that you can start off the new year on track to hit new goals and targets.

And even if you already have your holiday party planned for the holidays, another one WITH US at the start of the year couldn’t hurt.

In conclusion, I’m sure you will agree that motivation for employees,

  • is extremely important in building and maintaining a successful organization
  • and that the motivation strategies I described above are an excellent way to get the ball rolling.

Happy Holidays and Healthy New Year.