Checklist for Event Planning

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A checklist for event planning is what you need at this time of year. It’s a time that some people love, while most others dread – Office holiday party season!

For those of you who love getting all dolled up to head out to the annual employee shindigs, you may be wondering why some of your co-workers would rather skip out on the festivities.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons employees are less than enthusiastic to attend their office end of the year events.

  • Socializing with colleagues is not people’s idea of fun
  • It is awkward to mix alcohol with leadership/boss
  • They can be boring
  • It is hard to find a decent babysitter
  • Food/drinks are lousy
  • Excessive drinking won’t leave a great impression for a professional environment

So how do we introduce fun team building activities and make office holiday parties, client appreciation events, and team gatherings more enjoyable and events that employees actually want to attend? Vine and Vintage has the answers!

Planning doesn’t need to be a stressful and difficult thing to do. We got you covered with a checklist for event planning so you can plan the most entertaining, appropriate and crowd-pleasing event that will be talked about in the office for months to come!

My Checklist For Event Planning

  1. Create a Planning Team

Gather together coworkers work are eager to plan something everyone will love. Seek out others who like to organize, create, assign tasks and who are always excited for the annual holiday parties in the first place. This will also enable new and different bonds between employees to form.

  1. Create a Theme

A fun and engaging theme will create an interactive and comfortable environment. It will also be easier to choose food, activities and décor based on the chosen theme.

  1. Indulge in the Essentials

A budget will be helpful to understand what you are able to spend and cover all necessary bases.  Invest in the essentials. Think about what is most important to your guests. Food and beverage? Entertainment? This is what they will remember and it could change their perception for next year’s party.

  1. Customization

Get to know your staff and their interests. Incorporating small bits and pieces that relate to employees will provide them with a bigger sense of belonging and increase the enthusiasm to attend.

  1. Play!

Your coworkers have been at the office all day and have talked about work all week. The last thing they likely want to do on their off time is talk more shop.

With today’s hustle and grind, what we are missing more of is the time and ability to play! Games and activities are not overrated and adding in some funky prizes will add to the excitement.

Planned activities will bring about a different type of interaction, engaging socialization, break status barriers and even strengthen bonds between coworkers.

  1. Leave it to the Experts!

At Vine and Vintage we plan and host uniquely customized wine tasting events, focused on creating connection and social interaction in a fun and engaging experience. Our wine experiences are for EVERYONE – even those who don’t drink still have a blast!

Check out our two most popular holiday wine experiences, perfect for any office party, team building get-together or client appreciation event:

  1. Wine Tasting Experience- A redesigned approach to the mundane routine of bartenders pouring whatever is on tap
  2. Wine Mystery Experience - combines a blind tasting with a take on an original murder mystery. Guests are divided into teams of fun, wine-related characters to solve clues, helping them figure out the wine selection and while playing our sensory and trivia games.   

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Planning your team building events, office holiday parties, client appreciation events doesn’t have to be hard and with the checklist for event planning we provided above, you can now feel more confident that your coworkers will soon be counting down the days until the festivities, instead of coming up with excuses on how to skip out.

Happy Planning 🙂

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