Types of Sparkling Wine

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Types of sparkling wine - the thought crossed my mind as I was trying to stay cool last week through one of the hottest weekends in Toronto in many years.

Portuguese sparkling wineHow does anyone stay cool? Of course, there are the obvious ways of spending as much time as possible by a pool/lake or hiding out with the AC turned on. But what about the best ways to quench your thirst? What is your go-to wine that will keep you refreshed, that also pairs with your favourite summer foods?

My Answer - Sparkling Wine!

Now, why is sparkling wine perfect for these hot days and summer foods you ask?

Sparkling wine is thought of as a celebratory drink, only bought for special occasions, New Year’s Eve and holidays. When in fact, it is a delight all year round and a bottle doesn’t have to break the bank.

There are many different styles of sparkling wine; dry, sweet, fruity, nutty that range in price.

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Beverages that are cool and carbonated do the best job of quenching thirst and a sparkling wine’s bubbles emphasize its refreshing character.

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How Sparkling Wine is Made

organic sparkling wine and cheese pairingSparkling wine is a wine containing dissolved carbon dioxide, causing it to be fizzy. After the fermentation process, during which sugar and yeast is converted into alcohol to produce a still wine, a second fermentation takes place.

Two common methods are used by winemakers during the second fermentation to craft a desired style of sparkling wine.

1. Tank Method: Second fermentation takes place in a large stainless-steel tank. This sparkling expresses more flavours of the grape and will be more refreshing, fruitier and you’ll know what it will taste like with every bottle from the same batch.

2. Traditional Method: Second fermentation takes place inside the bottle. This sparkling express toasty, nutty, caramel aromas and flavours. The texture is smooth, creamier with tinier bubbles releasing more flavour and aroma. Every bottle is unique so every bottle will become a new adventure.

Many types of sparkling wine are produced around the world. Sparkling wine has been branded with many different names related to the specific country of origin. For example, Prosecco comes from Italy, Cava from Spain and Sekt from Germany.

Do you want to know why Champagne is called Champagne? It is made in the famous French region, Champagne! No other sparkling wine from any other region in the world can be called Champagne.

You can find out more about Champagne here!

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Since there are many brands and types of sparkling wine, how do you pick the perfect one that will keep you refreshed and be sure it will pair with your favourite summer foods?

Sparkling wines can be enjoyed as an aperitif, on their own, with no food. As well, they are high in acidity, making them the perfect accompaniment to any food pairing. Foods that are fatty, savoury, spicy, high in salt, or dry demand a beverage that is refreshing. The acidity in sparkling wine will not only compliment all of those tastes, the bubbles will help cleanse the palate and provide an enjoyable crisp finish.

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Sparkling Wine Picks from Portugal

Below are a few of my new favourite sparkling wine picks, from Portugal!
Have you ever tried wine from Portugal that wasn’t Port?

Vinhos Borges, founded in 1884 has become one of Portugal’s main national winemaking companies, committed to producing only the highest quality wines. Brothers, Antonio and Francisco who established Vinhos Borges, have poured their love, dedication and talent into the wine and the land, passed on for more than 130 years. Now exporting to more than fifty countries throughout five continents, Vinhos Borges is a brand representing art and beauty, and of course, outstanding taste.

Fita Azul, a top-selling, high quality sparkling wine brand emerged to symbolize the knowledge and tradition that Vinhos Borges represents. These are available at the LCBO, with great value, and perfect for these hot summer days.
Check them out and let me know what you think!

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With so many types of sparkling wine available, I know you can stay cool during the hot summer months!

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