Corporate Team Building Games

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Corporate team building games are a highly successful and fun way for companies to improve employee relationships, interaction and communication, thereby improving overall productivity.

There has been a major switch in the workplace environment within the last few decades. In the past, the workplace was seen as a source to form strong employee relationships and an outlet for socialization. Companies offered more fun team building games, picnics, team building icebreakers, team building activities and events to deepen the connection between employees.

Today the workplace has become busier, more stressful and less engaging. The office has become a place to produce work as fast and efficiently as possible, and as a result, has led to less social engagement between employees.

Does that sound familiar? Have you ever stopped to think how employee engagement and lack of relationships within your workplace has impacted you, your family or the actual organization itself?

fun corporate team building games

The team at Oxford Properties Group, a global real estate investment company, located downtown Toronto encouraged social engagement and boosted employee morale through corporate team building games during a V&V corporate wine tasting experience.

"Everyone at our office loved the experience. They said it was engaging and that there was enough time to talk to one another and socialize and also enough time spent on the games and learning about the wines." - Justine Kicek, Toronto 

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In addition, although the growing advancement in technology has allowed the ease of connecting remotely, the outcome has led to fewer face-to-face relationships and lower engagement than ever before.

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Why are building good relationships and incorporating fun team building activities so important you ask? Let’s explore that.

Strong workplace relationships can improve overall productivity within an organization. Not only do they boost self-esteem, improve personal health and provide a sense of belonging for an individual employee, they also increase innovation, engagement and financial growth for an entire corporation.

“V&V’s subtle approach of sharing their wine knowledge and customized ideas is designed bring you and your group closer during an unforgettable experience." – Diana Tudose, Toronto

A recent 2018 Gallup study found that 85% of employees do not work to their full potential and feel a lack of engagement in the workplace.

Cigna, the American Health Insurance Company, ran a study that revealed only 15% of employees worldwide feel engaged at work.

Now that we are aware of the power of good employee relationships within the workplace and how beneficial they can be for the growth and well-being of an organization, management is encouraged to invest in ways to incorporate corporate team building games to boost employee engagement.

fun team building activities

“There were trivia questions and fun facts for our group of about 20 to share, which were great team building icebreakers and led to much laughter and conversation throughout the evening." – Jamie Bennett, Toronto

Below is a list of reasons why fun team building games and other team building activities can encourage employee engagement and be a gateway to forming stronger relationships:

  • Breaks intimidation barriers between management and employees to provide opportunities to connect on a deeper level
  • Remote workers are out of site, so easily out of mind. Bringing a team together allows for everyone to gain a better sense of belonging
  • Employees gain a clear understanding of the organization’s culture and vision
  • Provides employees with a sense of work importance/pride/satisfaction
  • Creates a positive and fun environment
  • Employees lose their voice and sense of belonging within a large-scale company
  • Creates innovation and increases motivation

You have the opportunity of building a community within your organization by incorporating corporate team building games to connect employees on a deeper level. Create the possibility of improving your workplace to live an even bigger, more powerful and more meaningful life!

Team Building Quotes:

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”

“You don’t build a business, you build people. And the people build the business.”
-Zig Ziglar

“V&V designed an awesome event for our group and made wine tasting uniquely accessible and fun for all." - Robert Rushin, Airbnb, San Francisco

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